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Nate Kehr's 23 inch Walleye in August using production model of the M-POW-R REEL™ 


Owing to manufacturing hiccups and false starts Nate and I were not able to put the final version of the M-POW-R REEL™ and Rod Combo to intense testing, at Fletcher Lake Ontario, Canada until August 2014. We had hoped to shoot multiple videos over the four days of fishing for Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass, but nature intervened with solid rain over the first three days. Nonetheless, Nate still averaged over 75 Walleyes per day! We cranked up the drag on the reel and let Nate retrieve all fish (14” – 23”) using only the power of the motor to bring the fish to our boat. No rod “pumping” nor drag adjusting as we really wanted to tax the motor and the reel components. I would not recommend this in normal circumstances. Finally, on the fourth day, the clouds parted enough for us to shoot a couple of videos. In this first video Nate boats what I stated during the video what appeared to be a 19’ to 20” Walleye. Afterwards I measured it and it was a true 23” Walleye.