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Catch-A-Dream Testimonial #2

Hello Doc,

Just a quick update on our maiden voyage with the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel. We used this with 2 different young men, both dealing with muscular dystrophy, in the context of a series of huntswe just concluded in SW Missouri. The hunters fished in the downtime between hunts. The rig is incredible! I've attached a photo of the young man. He could not cast for himself, but after casting and placing the rod on his chair, he did the rest!

We'll certainly be looking to purchase one or more units in the near future. Additionally, both families inquired about obtaining a rig for their kids, pricing, etc. I promised them a follow-up communication to get them connected.

We are sold on the M=POW-R Electric Fishing Reels! Thanks!

Martin W. Brunson, Ph.D.


Catch-A-Dream Foundation