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Kevin Roberts testimonial on the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel

I am an avid Bass and Crappie fisherman from Cleveland, Oklahoma. I had a bad accident six years ago and it totally changed my life. One main thing in particular was that i lost my love for fishing. Then, after trying other battery-operated reels, i found out about M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reels. It has a lot more power than the other reels i have tried. My first year owning an M-POW-R Electric Fishing reel, i landed a 7 pound Largemouth Bass from our local lake. Then my life got back to fishing!

I purchased my first one about 3 years ago after i had my arm amputated. I have since purchased my 2nd one. I love my reels because they have given me the ability to fish again. Dr. Kehr has been extremely helpful and understanding. I have talked to him personally on the phone and he takes my calls every time. I hope to someday go north to some lakes with tones of Smallmouth Bass and try my reels. That looks like fun! Here is a pic of the 7 pound Largemouth Bass i caught earlier, and one of a Crappie i caught this spring before all the rains came.

Thanks again Dr. Kehr for an awesome product!

Kevin Roberts