Original Lead-Acid Motorized Fishing Reel Kits 

Upgrade to 2nd Gen from 1st

 Upgrade from Original to 2nd Gen Harness & Lithium Battery Kit
 Upgrade Kit for Original Lead-Acid Kits features New 2nd-Generation MPOWR Ability Switch-Enabled Control Harness, High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery, 3' Power Extension Cable, 110 VAC Smart Lithium Charger, and Zip Ties to mount it neatly to your favorite rod.

220 V UK and EU / AU Battery Charger substitutions available upon request.

Price: $350.00
Upgrade to 2nd Gen Lithium-Ion Battery from Original Lead-Acid Battery 
 MPOWR 12V 2200mah Lithium-Ion Candybar-sized Battery, Charger, and Adapter Wire to use 2nd Gen Lithium Battery on Original Control Harness by Broadened Horizons. Also unlocks ability to use new 2nd Gen High-Torque Speed Controller with True Pulse Width Modulation.
Price: $212.00
 Replacement Lead-Acid Battery for Original Kits
Replacment battery for the orgininal lead-acid kits. Completely sealed and maintence-free. 12V 4Ah. 

This will provide years of service, if maintained in storage with a full charge.


4" x 3.5" x 2.75"

Price: $39.95