Accessible Fishing Kits 
  • Ability Switch Enabled - control with mouth by puff or bite, with head, foot, fist, or the smallest flick of a finger, even touch or the wink of an eye!
  • Compact, lightweight, high-torque, extended-life, Lithium-Ion Power Density. 
  • Pre-rigged with line and tackle so your Ready-to-Fish out of the box! 

Brainard Dispatch Story of ...

 2nd Gen One-Handed Ready-to-Fish Bundle
 MPOWR One-Handed QuickStart Bundle by Broadened Horizons - Your Ready-to-Fish out of the Box with Accessible Lithium-Ion Fishing Reel and Rod Pre-Rigged with Tackle. Fully contained all on the rod making it very portable and easy to switch between different rods pre-rigged for different fishing conditions. No extra wires to tangle or trip over running to a big battery sitting in the bottom of your boat.While more than 300 fish have been landed on a single battery charge over 3 days without the battery going dead. You never want to be caught having forgotten to charge up your battery, or your battery was accidentally dropped in the water when launching... Consider an Additional Extra Battery for tournaments, backwoods trips with more than two days of extended fishing, etc.
Price: $995.00
 2nd Gen Hands-Free Ready-to-Fish Bundle for Wheelchair Armrest
 Your Ready-to-Fish out of the Box with Accessible Lithium-Ion Fishing Reel and Rod Pre-Rigged with Tackle on Ez-Cast
Price: $1,575.00
Create-Your-Own Accessible Solution

2nd Gen Li-Ion Packages 

 2nd Gen Add-a-Reel Kit for your Rod
 2nd Gen Add-a-Reel Kit for your Rod
Using the latest Lithium-Ion Technology delivering High Torque in a very power dense, compact package, allowing the battery to be strapped to the butt of the rod! We also upgraded the Fishing Reel with new more durable High-Torque Gears to match the control harness and power delivery system capabilities. 

 Optionally add the new 2nd Gen High-Torque Speed Controller which offers true pulse width modulation technology to maintain maximum possible torque even at slower speeds.

Price: $650.00
<p>MPOWR Graphite Fishing Rod&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Medium Action&nbsp;</p>

MPOWR Graphite Fishing Rod      Medium Action 

 MPOWR Medium Action Graphite Fishing Rod. Rod Only, No Reel. Any fishing reel can be used on this rod, but it is the ideal pairing with an MPOWR Motorized Reel
Price: $85.00

2nd Gen High-Torque PWM Speed Controller

 MPOWR In-line Adjustable Speed and Torque Controller for Accessible Lithium-Ion Bundles. Start with MPOWR Original Pulse Width Modulator and Remove Existing Wires. 2.1 x 5.5mm Male Input 2"-6" Dongle connects to Lithium Battery - connect to outside 2 pins for Vcc+ and Gnd. 

2.1 x 5.5 mm Female Output 3' Dongle connects to Reel Controller - solder positive to middle pin and negative to Gnd.

Price: $150.00
Ez-Cast Wheelchair Armrest Fishing Rod Holder with Cast-Assist&nbsp;
Ez-Cast Wheelchair Armrest Fishing Rod Holder with Cast-Assist 
New and improved Ez-Cast for individuals with some arm movement but little or no finger dexterity such as Quadriplegic, Dual Arm Amputee, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Cerebral Palsy.  
Price: $450.00
&nbsp;Extra Lithium-Polymer 12V 2200mah Battery &amp; Charging Kit
 Extra Lithium-Polymer 12V 2200mah Battery & Charging Kit
Pull in the big ones with this 12V Rechargeable Lithium battery. High 2200mAh. This battery is extremely power dense. High 20C Discharge provides the ability to utilize the maximum torque your motorized real is capable of generating when you need it most! 
Price: $175.00
&nbsp;Boat or Auto CLA Fish while Charging Kit
 Boat or Auto CLA Fish while Charging Kit
Directly Power the MPOWR Motorized Fishing Reel and simultaneously charge your 2nd Gen Lithium-Ion Battery from your Boat or Auto's Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) Plug. 
Price: $60.00
&nbsp;Pneumatic Puff, Bite, or Squeeze Switch
 Pneumatic Puff, Bite, or Squeeze Switch
This new Bite Switch solution is perfect for multiuser environments and high use end-users with cost-effective, easily replaced, disposable, bite bulbs him plus more versatility since it helps the used as a Puff Switch or Squeezed/Grip Switch. Perfect for custom mounting on your own favorite mount, headset, or simply click to the front of your shirt.  
Price: $130.00
&nbsp;Roughneck Single Pushbutton Switch
 Roughneck Single Pushbutton Switch
Neck Single Pushbutton SwitchCompact and works great as a head switch when properly mounted such as with our 3rd Hand Mounting System. Provides feather touch auditory feedback, easier for users lacking sensation in hands to hear successful activation. Rugged -use on wheelchair armrests & other demanding locations!  
Price: $67.00
&nbsp;Handheld Thumb Button Switch
 Handheld Thumb Button Switch
For individuals with thumb movement and able to grasp or hold switch in hand3.5 mm Mono Male Jack plugs into any Ability Switch Enabled Device 
Price: $67.00

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